81 miles with 1 gallon of gas – Renault Megan 1.5dCi (diesel) makes it!

You think it’s a joke?
You think there’s something wrong behind it? Well, guess what – it’s not wrong, and it’s not a joke. It was tested with Renault Megan 1.5dCi, 100 hp engine, on the road Sofia – Varna.

This happened during a test drive (with plain, usual cars, standard equipment, without using A/C) of two journalists from the Bulgarian Dnevnik daily. Their story is in Bulgarian, but you can still see the digits from the pump station! 2.9 liters for 100 km means exactly 81 miles for 1 gallon (3.78 liters are in 1 gallon).
Hello, USA – when are you going to start importing, or producing, cars that can do that?

Oh… and did I tell you that the polution is less with the new diesel engines? Or that they are always more economic than the gas cars? And the price – in Bulgaria, with all taxes, start from $ 18,750.

The French really know how to build cars! See my previous entry for more information. And the low consumption probably is a good reason why you can’t buy Renault, Peugeot or Citroen on the US market 🙁

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