Supporting the Internet Governance Project

You may have read my entry about the ISOC-Bulgaria’s Internet Governance project.

I decided today to try to do some fundraising for it.

There’s a button in the top right corner of this site, which says, “Donate” with the signs of Visa and MasterCard. Actually it also works with other cards, and with PayPal.

My idea is to see how many of the people reading this blog are willing to donate for something which at the end is good for all the Internet users.

Here’s more on the Internet Governance:

ISOC-Bulgaria’s Internet Governance Project aims at providing examples from participating countries, where governments work in coordination with businesses and civil society to create an all-inclusive multi-stakeholders platform for self-government of the Internet.

The Internet Governance project is designed to protect – over the long term – the public domain of information and ideas.

ISOC-Bulgaria provides the governments, private businesses, civil society, as well as the broader public of all participating countries with objective information about the Internet in order in order to create a proper understanding of the way the Net works, the problems of Internet Governance, and options for managing it with respect to the public interest.

ISOC-Bulgaria addresses these problems, and finds solutions for them through:

  • advocating for an Internet-friendly environment in the participating countries; and educating the policymakers, businesses and civil society in many countries about Internet governance.This is being achieved by using certain tools and mechanisms, such as countries’ desire to join NATO, the EU or the WTO and the need to change their legal framework in order to achieve this;
  • actively involving them in Internet-related policy, based on open standards, technical coordination with other interested parties, and full involvement of civil society;
  • publicizing the Bulgaria pilot case to serve as an example for other countries; enlarging the existing web site and making it the starting point for information related to Internet Governance;
  • promoting active participation by governments, private businesses and civil society at workshops, seminars, conferences, organized during the course of work;
  • publishing papers, documents, articles;
  • and completing other work that becomes necessary in the course of the project.

More about the project can be found at

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