Must Read: For Everyone Driving A Car: A Serious Warning About Your Tyres!

Through Milena, who lives in California, this ABC News report about the dangers of driving with tires*, sold as new, but are actually as old as 6, 8 or in some cases even 12 years old.

The British Rubber Manufacturer Association strongly recommends NOT to drive with tires older than 6 years.
Ford Motor has asked the federal government to implement ban on tires older than 6 years.

But the tire industry lobby in the U.S. has been strong and does not recognize this 6-year term.

Watch the news piece, which starts with a tragic accident, where two young men boys died because the tires on their vehicle were actually 9 years old, although the father of one of the boys thought the tires are only 5 years old.

tire = tyre (US English < -> British English)

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