The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission: This Is How We All Should Be Working!

Have you ever heard about it?
If you live in New York City, and have used a cab (taxi) here, you’ve seen their name on the back of the window that separates the driver from the passengers (yes, like in the movies).
Last month I tried to send them a letter via their web site, congratulating a particular driver who took me from the airport to the city.
I tried to find a place to express my good feelings, but – no… None. Check it out: only three different options for online contact: File a Complaint, File a Lost Property Report, and Apply for a TLC license.
Well, I went to “file a complaint”, but instead wrote my positive feedback.

To my astonishment, two weeks later I got a letter (yes, on paper), signed by the commissioner Matthew W. Daus, saying among other things:

“I am pleased to report to you that your commendation joins the many that we receive on a daily basis attesting to the superior customer service offered by the NYC taxicab drivers. It would be my great pleasure to consider your exemplary driver for appropriate honors at the next scheduled NYC TLC Driver Recognition Ceremony.”

I wrote them back on paper, and got a response today by email, with more feedback.

What impresses me most, is that they are really taking into account the positive feedback. Now, I know for sure they take seriously the complaints, but then, who can say they’ve always been perfect in their performance, and request the same from the poor taxicab drivers in one of the biggest cities in the world? I prefer to save the complaints, but when someone is performing well, to send positive feedback.

The taxicab driver who took me from the airport in June was a woman, with the cleanest, tidiest, best maintained taxi I’ve seen. She totally deserved the credit.

P.S. I still hope that their web site will add a line for positive feedback. Enough with the complaints, give the other customers some chance, too 🙂

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2 Responses to The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission: This Is How We All Should Be Working!

  1. This is part of the email I got from the Commission after I published this blog entry:

    >Thank you for letting us know about your blog and your comments are much
    >appreciated. The compliment page is coming soon! I hope that another
    >situation will arise where you’ll have the opportunity to use it.

  2. abianne says:

    You must be proud of what you did Veni. Your simple positive comment has for sure done a good thing to your lady driver. I admire public vehicle drivers who take their jobs seriously and who give their passengers a safe ride to their destinations. I understand it is not easy to be in that job. Drivers have to battle with traffic, dirt, and sometimes irate and demanding customers.

    I hope public vehicle passengers will have the same concern as you had.

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