Bulgarian News Dissection – 1

Bulgarian daily “Dnevnik” published an article, “The sorry of the chief prosecutor“.

It says, among other things,

    “The Chief Prosecutor Boris Velchev expressed his regrets for the fact that about 200,000 cases have become void. Each prosecutor has to deal with 200 cases, and the experts on these cases are not motivated to work on them…. If these 200,000 cases were brought to justice, Bulgaria would have been a totally different country, and not in the last place of all European surveys for standard of living. The people, who live in Bulgaria, would have been different, including the politicians… It is true that claims lost by limitations of these 200,000 cases is not fault of the current Chief Prosecutor, and nobody says he’s to be blamed. But to express his regrets only is not enough. It is up to him, if he really wants it, not to leave this issue like that…”

Let us make a dissection of what the newspaper actually says?
The fact is that the Chief Prosecutor announced there are 200,000 cases, which have become void. But the interpretation is that Bulgaria would have been a totally different country.
That, for me, is missing what the point. Exactly because Bulgaria is the country it is, there are 200,000 cases, which have expired, not the other way around.
And also – to believe that the Chief Prosecutor can somehow solve these cases – this is not only naive, but even dangerous, when they put it on paper. They make the people believe that one man can solve all problems.

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