What the media in Bulgaria says and doesn't say

I am at the Berkman@10 conference in Harvard Law School, and my old friend Ethan suggested yesterday that I should write some of my reviews of the Bulgarian media in English. It makes sense, as the Bulgarians are already aware of the “news” created by the media, while this phenomenon remains quite unknown abroad.

I will be blogging more on that in the next weeks. The main line will be: I will report a “news” from a Bulgarian media, and will make comments as to what exactly happened, or not happened, but was created by a media in order for it to increase its publications.

Examples from recent days:

On May 13 Standard daily published a “news”, which was copied from the CIA web site, where it was published on… April 9!

Or what about the “news” that George W. Bush has “suggested” to Bulgarian Prime Minister Stanishev that he could become his son in lawn by marrying Barbara? Totally fabricated by Bulgarian media, it made the first page of the tabloids in Bulgaria, and the Washington Post published an article on it, explaining that this is not going to happen…

… to be continued with more details …

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