PC Forum – the place to be

If you are a chief executive, a visionary, or a decision-maker, and have not been at the PC Forum, you must consider going.

For all others, subscription for the Release 1.0 is a good start.

See my impressions from the PC Forum 2006 in this short metmo.

The PC Forum this year took place at La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California – about 40 minutes away from San Diego airport. Beautful new resourt, with all that one needs to spend great vacation.

This time, though, it was work. And what a work!

The PC Forum is by far the best IT-related meeting I’ve been. And I’ve been to many. Unlike the usual such meetings, this one focuses more on social networking, but at the same time the speakers and panelsts talk to our wonderful host – Esther Dyson – on topics which vary from health care to cybersecurity. Even the stage is unusual – almost no slides, a sofa and two comfortable arm chairs, where people sit and talk to Esther and to the audience in a very friendly manner.

I can write more, but there are so many articles, that my contribution may be useless. Here’s a link to some of them.

Again – great place to be, and I am happy that Bulgaria was represnted this year, and made a good impression.

Last, but not least – great organization. Esther and her colleagues are quite impressive in handling 400+ participants, and making sure we start on time, end on time, and have a full hall of all people as early as 8 in the morning (again, something I haven’t seen anywhere else until this event).

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