The next President of the United States? Knock-knock.

Hillary Clinton and supporters

I* had a breakfast today with Hillary Clinton – the woman many consider to be the next President of the United States. I’ve published some pictures from that breakfast on flickr, but here’s what impressed me most (and I am not going to stop my attention to the things you can read at her site or in the media):

She knows what she’s talking about. She responds to questions from the audience, and her responses are good. I like her, and I believe she will be a good President.
Topics she covered: foreign relations (special point about Iran), economic development in the USA, education, energy dependence. Her first task, when elected, even before entering the office: send envoys all over the world, to the leaders of major countries, to bring the message that the US foreign policy is going to change immediately.
I like her desire to change the educational system – today, as it turned out, 75 % of the students belong to the top 25 % people measured by income.

She wants to move the US towards using green energy, bio-diesel, ethanol – all quite good. In fact, when she was talking about it, it resembled very much an article I published here more than an year ago (I will update it, and put it on the front page).

I think she can really do what she promises. She’s well known, predictable, and has vision to bring back the USA on the right track. The country needs such a leader, but – more importantly for me and many others – the world needs this change. Knock-knock (as we say in Bulgaria, “knock on wood”) that the Americans will make a right and a good choice next year.

One observation: Hillary looked a little bit tired. You can see her shining appearance at the night of the elections in 2006 (the two pictures I took then are at the flickr). It’s good to organize her schedule to give her some more rest during the campaign – after all, there’s one more year of campaigning, and then there are four years in the office!

“I”, that is me and about 50 other people 😉

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