Another fault start for Microsoft: advertizes non-configured web portal

As reports, Microsoft Bulgaria is advertising the release of – web portal for the Bulgarian teachers.

The only problem is that the advertised as “the educational portal of Bulgaria” is… not working. As you can see on the screen below, the portal is not configured properly

Misconfigured server quotes different articles from the last five years, which show the connections between Microsoft and the Bulgarian government, which have led to spending more than $ 44 Million for rental of 48,000 copies of WindowsXP/OfficeXP, which makes the price of this software more than twice higher than the price at CompUSA.

MS Office upgrade 2007 is $ 279, Windows XP pro, upgrade is $ 199, or total of $ 479 per computer, which is about 50 % of the price the Bulgarian government has paid Microsoft ($ 916 per computer) for renting the same software.

update from May 21st: The portal was working, and you could see pictures with English texts (obviously not from Bulgarian class rooms). Check the article at for more.

update from May 30th: A journalist informed me that the portal is not working again. And it was true – connection timeout. However, I will not do more updates here, because that means to keep the topic always on the top, as the portal will keep on not working often.

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