Bulgarian media on Bild article

Bulgarian media today publishes a lot of translations from a Bild news article.

The German tabloid apparently has blamed Bulgarian President and Prime Minister with connections to the mafia, and all other staff around Iraq.

What bothers me, is that first of all, the Bild – if I can trust their online edition – is not a serious newspaper.
Secondly, the article is full with quotes from “experts”, and “secret reports”, etc. which makes it total unreliable.
Third, the UN report basically says something quite different from what is being quoted in the Bulgarian or the German newspaper about the possible involvement of Bulgarian companies in the food-for-oil programs in Iraq.
Fourth, let’s not forget who is the owner of Bild, and what stories they’ve been creating during the years.
Fifth, the aim of tabloids like Bild is to have more advertisments, that is, to have more readers. Readers are not interested in peaceful news, but in intrigues, scandals, alusions. Voila!

What bothers me even more, is that my own newspapers and media will start quoting the Bild as if it’s some reliable source. That’s how news become “facts”. Such “facts” are being used in political fights in Bulgaria. The result is: waste of time, efforts, and air time.

We need to focus on the work we can do for our countries, not keep on blaming our countries and politicians for every sin there is on the Earth.

P.S. For what is worth, I couldn’t find the real news from Bild. The funny thing is they are quoting radio Deutche Welle, which is quoting the article at Bild…

Added on Dec. 22:
As one can see in tomorrow’s Bulgaria press, I have been right. The publication in the Bild was garbage.

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