20 Years since graduation (114 AEG)

This year marks 20 years since my graduation.
I studied at the famous (and notorious while I was there) 114 AEG (AEG = Anglijska Ezikova Gimnazia, or English Language School).

I’d like to ask classmates worldwide (about half of us live abroad) to start thinking about getting together in Sofia somewhere end of July – beginning of August.

Please, write comments here (preferred), and send me an e-mail to veni at veni.com

Please, write also ideas about place for the party, let me know. My suggestion – Matti Hall at the NDK in Sofia.

Wrete also ideas about the date. My suggested date is – July 28 (Saturday, it is just before people start to take off to the sea – Black, White, Whatever:)

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4 Responses to 20 Years since graduation (114 AEG)

  1. Boriana Cavicchia says:

    Otlichna ideia.
    Az tazi godina nai-veroiatno shte si hodia v Bulgaria kraia na iuni nachaloto na uili.

  2. Rossitsa Terzieva says:

    Hi Veni!
    It took me just 20 years to write an email to a classmate from the
    famous/notorious “A class” of 114 AEG and say “Hallo” (you might put
    it down to some post-traumatic experience I guess)In any case: the
    reunion idea is great, and hopefully I will make it this time. I
    can’t leave a deserved long drink waiting for ever 🙂

  3. NDK zvutchi mnogo soc. Po-dobre goliamata zala na Voenniya Klub. Drug variant Motto ili Opera – poznavam Lubo – sobstvenika i mozem da gi zapazim.

  4. Gabor says:


    Az se kazvam Gabor, mai sam edin ot parvite ungartzi koito uchiha v tova dasko. Zapochvah podgitvitelnia klass v 88 godina v 1990 varnah v Budapeshta, a sega bih iskal da nameria niakokko priateli.

    Ima li niakakav sait kato “who is who” ili “ondoklassniki.ru” balgarsko samo che?


    gm.horvath at mail.datanet.hu

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