How an investigation should be made

I’ve read today a very huge article at the New York Times, and decided it’s worth linking it here.

That’s an example how a newspaper can make a difference with an investigation of a unique kind. this reporters’ investigation is quite a good example for my country journalists, who prefer to publish semi-facts, or semi-truths, if they can’t access the real facts soon enough, before the edition is “closed” for printing.

There have been a number of examples, where people have been blamed in the Bulgarian media for something the police or even just loud-speaking citizens would acused them of; later, when the charges are cleared, no newspaper reports that.

As one has said, it’s not news, when a dog bites a human, the news is when the man bites a dog.

I am not praising the US-media. They also do errors, and they also publish stupid headlines, but the fact is that if they make a mistake, they say “we regret it”, and they try not to repeat the same mistakes.

I will write more on that topic some day.

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