Lybia sentenced five Bulgarian nurses to death

I don’t even want to comment on that terrible news. The whole case lasts now for 8 years, and it may take some more. You may wish to read some of the responses worldwide not only to the news of the day, but also to the history. Check the UC Berkeley Bulgaria Club.

See what some of the key people have to say on the verdict:

Bulgarian President Parvanov and Prime Minister Stanishev:
official statement (brief / full text, doc file)
video from both (11 Mb, .wmv)

BBC: In quotes: Reaction to Libya HIV trial verdict


CNN: Libya to execute HIV medics

UPDATE from 18:48 Sofia time
The reaction worldwide is now basically in the same direction. The nurses are innocent. The Court did not take into account a number of evidences from leading world-known scientists, and the death sentence is a political decision, not a cort one. Reuters, International Herald Tribune (they remind of the accusation that the Bulgarian nurses have infected the kids, because they were CIA agents!), and Forbes, among others continue the coverage. Until now, few hours after the verdict, there are more than 500 publications on this topic. Just Google with key words.

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2 Responses to Lybia sentenced five Bulgarian nurses to death

  1. Blaga Todorova says:

    It is so sad that 8 years nobody and nothing helped these people there in Lybia!Everybody in Bulgaria say they are innocent!Well how come then innocent people are to be executed???I am sure nobody really knows what is exactly the situation there at least let us pray and hope somebody something will protect them!

  2. simone says:

    hi there, I haven’theard about the case of the 5 bulgarian nurses and sentenced to death from the Lybian government. anyone has any up-to-date information on what the UN and the International political community is doing in that regard?

    Thank you very much,

    kind regards

    simone marras

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