Sebastian: International Man Of Mystery

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Sebastian, and I’ve been asked by everyone’s favorite Bulgarian to share my thoughts and experiences about dining and nightlife.
These musings will primarily focus on the epicenter of the universe, none other than NYC. Although the focus may stray now and then to more provincial settings (i.e. London or Paris), I hope to share with all of you my impressions about the new, and not so new, the fair city of New York has to offer.
I will bring you my unique perspective on the trendy and fabulousness of the Big Apple, and when inspired, I may even share some thoughts with you on its gritty underbelly as well.
Yes, Sebastian has a dark side.
A lifetime of dining, partying and being naughty has provided the framework for looking at life with a discerning eye. For those of you who care, Sebastian is highly educated, extremely well traveled, and a native New Yorker. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with all of you going forward. Until then……

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