Congratulations: Dessi got married!

My colleague and a very good person, Dessi as of August 29 is Mrs. Greve. She married another colleague and a very good person, George Greve.

Dessi is a project coordinator with ISOC-Bulgaria, and has performed to the highest marks in my country. She is one of the quite skilled people in managing projects, people, and tough conditions all over the Balkans, where ISOC-Bulgaria has been working in the last years.

Among other responsibilities, she is the main blogger behind the Bulgarian Creative Commons project, which exists to a larger degree thanks to her efforts.

Congratulation, be happy and smiling, and enjoy every moment of your new common life! The whole Board of the Internet Society – Bulgaria is happy for you!

(for a larger size of the picture on the left, just click on it, for more pictures, visit my flickr.)

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