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Photos galore*

* The following is an editorial from the Canadian newspaper “Forever young“. I am publishing it with permission from the author, Don Wall. I think it gives a good idea about why Creative Commons is good for everybody. Photos galore … Continue reading

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Aerospace New York City – The Best Gym. Period.

I wrote about this fantastic gym in New York some time ago, when people were asking me how did I manage to lose weight and keep it down to normal levels. Here’s a letter I got today from our main … Continue reading

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Цинизмът на столичния кмет

Не съм в състояние да повярвам на това, което чета в българските вестници, но то е добре предадено тук. Става дума за цинизма на Бойко Борисов и опита му да използва трагедията на един пожар за собствените си, очевидно не … Continue reading

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