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Why is the current copyright the way it is?

Противоречиво използване на "Криейтив комънс" в България

Преди малко пуснах цитираното по-долу писмо до, който адрес е даден за контакти на сайта , но получих в отговор следното: Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the … Continue reading

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От 12 часа на 20-и януари 2009 г. сайтът на Президента на САЩ е със съдържание както следва: Pursuant to federal law, government-produced materials appearing on this site are not copyright protected. The United States Government may receive and hold … Continue reading

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Bulgarian Attorney General Releases Web Site Under Creative Commons

Bulgarian Attorney General Boris Velchev released the official web site of the Office of the Chief Prosecutor under Creative Commons license. They use CC-Attribution (Bulgarian version), which means in English that anyone is free: # to Share — to copy, … Continue reading

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Creative Commons License Recognized in Bulgarian Court

Bulgarian blogger Elenko Elenkov writes that the Sofia City Court started the case, which he filed against the 24 hours daily (a WAZ newspaper) for using a picture, made by Elenko, without following the license, which he is using on … Continue reading

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Open letter to digital standards developers, supporters, and advocates

This is quite a useful document. Please, read, share. The letter is initially signed by several well-known people, among them some that I know. You can see the actual Hague declaration with all the signatures until now, and sign it … Continue reading

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Photos galore*

* The following is an editorial from the Canadian newspaper “Forever young“. I am publishing it with permission from the author, Don Wall. I think it gives a good idea about why Creative Commons is good for everybody. Photos galore … Continue reading

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The Future of Ideas is now Free!

My friend Larry Lessig wrote yesterday that after a productive and valuable conversation with his publisher, Random House, they’ve agreed to permit The Future of Ideas to be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. You can download the book … Continue reading

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For All Copyright Crusaders | За кръстоносците на авторските права

English first, Bulgarian below. На български – малко по-долу; английски – в началото. I think it is good to read what Joi Ito has to say from his China trip: Then I went to the Creative Commons China Photo Content … Continue reading

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RIP*, Music Labels?

The Time magazine makes a really good story about the latest album of Radiohead, In Rainbows. The biggest issue around this album is not the music, but the fact that the band is leaving the price to the customer! Yes, … Continue reading

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Larry Lessig moves on to fight corruption

Yovko informed me that a good friend of mine, and of Bulgaria, has decided to move on and switch from fighting big copyright corporations to fighting corruption. Prof. Lawrance (Larry) Lessig has announced this during the iCommons iSummit in Dubrovnik … Continue reading

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