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Lego Star Wars

One minute Imperial March conducted by Darth Vader.

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Виц за министъра

Един министър обикалял с делегация по България да види как живеят хората. В Университета попитал: – Как е, имате ли оплаквания? Ректорът отвърнал: – Порционът за студентите е много нисък – по 80 стотинки на ден. В общежитията студентите са … Continue reading

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The banking crisis in the USA and the UK

Greg Mankiw – a professor of economics at Harvard University has this great piece, which I publish from Youtube straight here. John Fortune and John Bird have other great pieces, too. Check them out. The top one is about the … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart: best moments

Actually this one is by Stephen Colbert, but at the time he was still with Jon Stewart. It’s called “Living in a police state”. Government spying on its citizens means gaining limits on those freedoms – Freedom Plus.

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Jon Stewart: best moments

Another of Jon Stewart’s brilliant pieces: President Bush versus Texas Governor Bush. You must watch this, but don’t wonder why the President is so different in his thinking from the Governor. Nobody knows the answer to this question.

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Jon Stewart: best moments

Have you ever watched Jon Stewart’s Comedy Central show? No? You’ve missed a lot. Yes? Then perhaps you can enjoy yet again this piece from January 20, 2005 – the day when President Bush stepped into his second term (watch … Continue reading

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The Internet consists of many subjects and is a big scheme, Bulgarian Member of the Parliament says

Several people today, among them Peio wrote on this subject. I remembered that last year senator Stevens also had an opinion about the Internet: “It is a series of tubes”. Boingboing reported his words: I just the other day got, … Continue reading

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IPv4/IPv6 Discussion: The Day The Routers Die…

There is a big discussion about IPv4 and IPv6. See and listen to a different approach towards that topic: And here are the lyrics: Written for and performed at the RIPE 55 Secret Working Group Session, by Gary Feldman [YouTube]: … Continue reading

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How Nerdy Am I?

This is a funny test, and it takes a couple of minutes to fill it in. Good to do it, if you are tired from writing serious stuff, for example presentations for the coming Internet Governance Forum… What it means? … Continue reading

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