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Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

How Could The Internet Be Governed – A Bulgarian Perspective

In the last few years there have been many discussions how the Internet is governed, and how it should be governed. The whole World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) ended talking about this problem. It caused exchange of letters … Continue reading

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Some responses to questions about ICANN

Kieren asked some questions, related to ICANN. Here are my answers. Kieren McCarthey is a British journalist, and is running for the ICANN Board in the 2006 elections. See the exchange we have had on issues relevant to ICANN

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ICANN Board of Directors and my decision to run for it

In the last seven months many people have asked me if I will be running again for the ICANN Board. Many have come to me and have asked me to run. Today, that the term for nominations to the ICANN … Continue reading

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Running for the ICANN board

There are several people who have stated officiallly they are running for the ICANN Board: My colleague from ISOC – Patrick Vande Walle. The English journalist Kieren McCarthy. Another American, with long history around ICANN has sent an e-mail to … Continue reading

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Who is who in the ICANN world

I am writing a piece on who is who in the ICANN world. So, I’d like to ask people to send me e-mails with information, which I will put together and will publish. My idea is to write down the … Continue reading

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To all future ICANN directors – the hidden, secret part of ICANN's life

Many people ask me “What is it to be on the Board of ICANN?” Here is my response, with some astonishing data.

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ICANN turned down .xxx

Earlier today, ICANN took a decision to not approve the .xxx in the top-level domain zone. The application was proposed by the ICM Registry.

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To .xxx or to give up?

When I read* the piece “The End User: Adults only? Not so fast”, published on March 30, 2006, I was tempted to respond at the IHT Digital Dialogue blog. I did that, but later, thinking again about the article, I … Continue reading

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Who proposed ".eu" and what ICANN did about the launch of the new TLD

A few days ago I wrote about the new top level domain (TLD), “.eu”, and mentioned my belief that it’s a good sign for the Internet, and for the market of domain names. I also responded to some critics that … Continue reading

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ICANN meeting ends on a high note

We just finished the ICANN meeting in Wellington, New Zealand. For one of the last resolutions of the ICANN board meeting, Vint asked the board to show their support by swaying back and forth in their seat. He promised to … Continue reading

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