Cheap Russian Propaganda Against Bulgaria and the European Union

Here’s how the propaganda against the European Union is working. A day after the speech of Donald Tusk in Sofia, the Bulgarian Facebook suddenly discovered and is spreading a lie, made in Russia. Here it is, as shown on the wall of some Yana Miteva. The text says more or less the following, “Since I’ve been reading all morning… tearful headlines, let me remind you of some facts: ‘Donald Tusk, historian by education, has been saying in his election campaign about his family and how his Grandfathers were sent to concentration camp for opposing the Nazis. Including his Grandpa Jozef Tusk. The reality, however, is slightly different. As it is known from the Berlin archives, the Grandpa of today’s’ EU chairman, Jozef Tusk, in 1944 served in the SS reserves. He even enlisted in Heinrich Himmler’s punitive squads voluntarily, for ideological reasons. And judging by photography, he was also a member of the SD, which was engaged in search and arrest of Jews in Poland and sending them to concentration camps. The image is provided by the Deutsches Bundesarchiv, its name is “Verhaftung von Juden”, arrest of Jews. The group probably searched for Jews in Gdansk and its surroundings and sent them to concentration camps.”

Picture from Yana Miteva’s FB page


The truth, of course, is far, far away from the quoted by Ms. Miteva text, but it’s interesting to see how trolls mix facts with lies, so that we better understand why the danger from fake news and disinformation is so big.

First, about the picture.
Anyone can see the original  in Wikimedia and it indeed is from the German archives. What is important to know is that its description is “Poland September 1939, near Ustronie/Opatowice ; road transport of arrested Jews under surveyance of Police force and SD. Four SD men are sitting in a cabriolet : from left to right, a Oberscharführer (UK:Staff sergeant; US:Sergeant first class), a Rottenführer (UK:Lance corporal; US:Corporal), a Untersturmführer (UK and US:Second lieutenant), a Oberscharführer.

In other words, the man on the picture, who allegedly is Mr. Tusk’s Grandfather, is a corporal from the German army, but he cannot be Mr. Tusk, because… .

Second, let’s see what he has done during the war as it is well documented in his official Wikipedia page,  and the sources, listed there.

“On 1 September 1939, when Germany invaded Poland, the Free City of Danzig was incorporated into the German Reich and the citizens of the Free City became German nationals. Tusk was assaulted in his house in the morning, and later witnessed German arrests of Poles at the railway station, and the Defence of the Polish Post in Danzig.
Józef Tusk reported the assault to Danzig police, and was subsequently arrested as a Polish activist, described as a “Polish fanatic, dangerous to the security of the German State”; his family on the same day was evicted from their house. Tusk was a forced laborer working in the construction of the Stutthof concentration camp. In 1941 he was interviewed by Gestapo and imprisoned in Neuengamme concentration camp.On 26 August 1942 he was released from Neuengamme.
On 2 August 1944 Tusk was conscripted into Wehrmacht, into the 328. Grenadier-Ersatz- und Ausbildungsbatallion (328th Grenadier Replacement and Training Battalion).[7][8][9] After about four months, around 24 November 1944 or soon afterward, he either deserted, defecting to the Polish Armed Forces in the West, or was imprisoned in an Allied prisoners-of-war camp.

So, the logical questions:

Yana Miteva’s FB page

Where’s the fake story coming from on Ms. Miteva’s wall?
From a Russian language web site, Politforums. The author of the original story is Oleg Lurie, who published it in Live Journal. If you wondeer why Ms. Miteva republished this fake story, don’t wonder too much – on her wall (see picture on the left) you can see that she’s a big fan of Russia (the flags of Russia and Bulgaria on the cover photo, some profile pictures with signs of (nostalgia?) the Soviet “revolution” of 1917 are enough to give you some ideas. Plus, of course,  pictures with  obvious Russian propaganda.

Who is the original author?
If you are asking yourself who is Mr. Lurie, the answer, in short – a convicted felon, who spent years in jail. What his intention might have been, when writing his Live Journal story, is perhaps answered best by the chosen tags: Gdansk, Himmler, Hitler, Donald Tusk, EU, European Union, Jozef Tusk, Kiev, SD, SS, Ukraine, Jews, european values, police, concentration camps, fascism (Гданьск, Гиммлер, Гитлер, Дональд Туск, ЕС, Евросоюз, Иосиф Туск, Киев, СД, СС, Украина, евреи, европейские ценности, каратели, концлагеря, фашизм). You can’t miss the Hitler, Himmler, Kiev and Ukraine tags, right, which are “quite relevant” for this article…

Why the fake, why now?
Clearly because of the extremely positive reaction of the Bulgarian media and society to Mr Tusk’s speech on January 11th in Sofia. Anti-Bulgarian propaganda cannot leave such a positive reaction without an answer. The text is written long time ago in Live Journal, but whether it was just translated in Bulgaria, when it was needed to undermine Mr. Tusk’s authority – that’s a question with no easy answer.


By the way, it will be interesting to see who will click on the bait of cheap anti-Bulgarian and anti-European propaganda, and will continue to share the fake news. And who will find out that they are being victims of this propaganda. And, of course, who will stand up against it.

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