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Thank you, Mr. Gorbachev! And Happy Birthday!! Be healthy!

Today Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev turned 80 years. I met him last year in Moscow (pictures I took from that meeting are here), and had the opportunity to thank him personally for everything he did for my country, and for the … Continue reading

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Go, Bulgaria! (some good words for the Bulgarian government)

I saw an article from Julian Popov, a Bulgarian blogger, dedicated to the reaction in online media about the support, provided by Bulgaria to Israel in fighting with the recent fires. One has to read the international news, see here … Continue reading

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Russian IDN ccTLD .рф Opens for Registrations, Makes History

November 11, 2010, marked the day when the new IDN ccTLD .рф (Cyrillic for Российская Федерация, Russian Federation) was opened for general registration. Prior to that date the registration was open only for trademark owners and governmental institutions. Before the … Continue reading

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Nothing new in Bulgaria: independent media is under siege

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union for more than three years, but it still behaves sometimes as if it does not belong there. Here’s a recent, and most troubled example: On July 29 one of the leaders of … Continue reading

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Interesting development regarding sales of iPad in Israel

Just got this note, and know that people might be interested to see what’s going on in Israel: “Dr. Yehiel Shabi, the spokesman for Israel’s Ministry of Communications, issued the following statement: The Israeli Ministry of Communications supports importing and … Continue reading

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Europe 2020? Rather Europe 1980!

The European Commission has published its most important document. Europe 2020. However, after a lot of noise, and with minimum participation from European citizens (less than 500 responses, mainly from Spain, Poland, Germany, France and UK)*, the Barroso strategy Europe … Continue reading

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German Constitutional Court Decided on Data Retention in Germany

German Working Group on Data Retention (AK Vorrat) has published the following press release (and accompanying information). I copy it here, because the German Court decision is an important example of brilliant jurisprudence, and a great example what people can … Continue reading

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"Long Live"

I got this as an email from a friend: Veni, How they can manufacture a good bottle of beer at Kamenitza AD, Plovdiv, 95, Kapitan Raicho Str., and transport it several thousand miles and deliver it to Trade Fair on … Continue reading

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New Rules for Travel to the USA – for Visa Waiver Program countries

The United States has indicated that it will be stepping up enforcement of the requirements of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Travelers from VWP countries (see list below) may be denied boarding on flights to the United States if they … Continue reading

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USA: Cyberthreat – a big danger. What do the EU, China, Russia think?

Here’s part of the report by the US Director of National Intelligence, Dennis C. Blair, to the US Senate. I publish this part, because it is interesting to see asset of the situation by other countries, namely Russia, China, but … Continue reading

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