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My DNA (ep. 2)

10 years ago I published my paternal DNA history. Today’s time for my maternal one. Branch: L3 Age: 67,000 Years Ago Location of Origin: East Africa This woman’s descendants would eventually account for both out-of-Africa maternal lineages, significant population migrations in Africa, and … Continue reading

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Cheap Russian Propaganda Against Bulgaria and the European Union

Here’s how the propaganda against the European Union is working. A day after the speech of Donald Tusk in Sofia, the Bulgarian Facebook suddenly discovered and is spreading a lie, made in Russia. Here it is, as shown on the … Continue reading

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The T-Generation

The new generation, of course, is “T” – for Twitter. We are supposed to express a major thought, a feeling (or more than one) in 140 characters. Or less, of course, as less is more. I also use Twitter – … Continue reading

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There are enough reasons to be positive!

Note by Veni: Recently I took an interview by a very interesting person. Ellis Shuman was born in the USA, and is an Israely-based author, who publishes regularly in the UK edition of the Huffington Post, naturally my interview starts … Continue reading

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Bulgaria is responsible for the good and the evil

The Washington Post has published an article Bulgarian street-naming request in DC stirs broader debate over country’s role in Holocaust The authors have properly found out that the history of the Holocaust in Bulgaria is not well known – I … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the ITU's Views on Internet Governance (2006-2012)

Someone was talking the other day about the ITU and what they think about the issue of Internet Governance. I know what the ITU Secretariat wrote in a paper some years ago (Bulgaria was one of the governments heavily criticizing … Continue reading

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??нтернет общество – България подкрепя европейска инициатива срещу посегателствата на телеком операторите над ??нтернет

Българското “??нтернет общество” е една от организациите, подписали писмо от името на европейски ??нтернет общества до ETNO – лобистката организация на европейските телекоми. Прочетете пълния текст на писмото (на английски). Включете се в борбата срещу опитите на телекомите да сменят … Continue reading

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Is it time for a breakthrough in securing cyberspace?

This year in July gen. Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency and head of the US Cyber Command participated at DefCon, the hackers conference in Las Vegas. In his address, gen. Alexander said, among other things, “This is … Continue reading

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What's New In the Field of Cyber Security Cooperation

The last few months have shown a number of signs that cooperation in cyber space is not just necessary, but it is vital for the survival of the Internet as we know it. There is no need to provide links … Continue reading

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European Commission: Bulgaria could build Belene Nuclear Power Station, EC does not object

In a response to a letter from a friend of mine, who lives in Washington, DC, Anelia Atanassova to the European Commissioner Oettinger, the European Commission responds as follows: Ref. Ares(2011)457900 – 27/04/2011 EUROPEAN COMMISSION DIRECTORATE-GENERAL FOR ENERGY DIRECTORATE D … Continue reading

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